Thursday, June 12, 2008

Russia Day - The Navy Celebrates

In Sevastopol', the Black Sea Fleet conducted a "maritime parade". Here the Commander of the Black Sea Fleet reviews major combatants including the escort ship "Ladnyy":

The 12th of June is celebrated as "Russia Day", the day in 1990 that Russia declared it's sovereignty from the Soviet Union. One would think that Russia would take it as seriously as we take our Independence Day. One would be wrong. A few years ago, I was part of an official team taking part in a regularly scheduled treaty regulated activity. The Russians scheduled us to be present during "Russia Day" and were shocked when the factory we were visiting shut down for a long five day weekend in honor of "Russia Day". Our Russian hosts had forgotten that "Russia Day" was being celebrated during our activities and we sat around our hotel for a few days and twiddled our thumbs.

Good times, good times....