Saturday, October 4, 2008

Peter the Great Update: The Pillars of Hercules

The Peter the Great prepares for an "historic first", the entry into the Med by the Russian Navy flagship:

Gist: After traveling 6000km across the rough Atlantic, the Peter the Great prepares to enter the Med for a port call in Tripoli, Libya.

Cut to a meeting of the Navigation planning meeting where Nav Department is discussing the details of the entry into the Med through the Stratits of Gibraltar. The flag navigator explains to the rest of the navigation department how the straits are 65km long and that there are certain international rules they must follow while transiting the straits. They are not allowed to anchor out, carry out repairs or reduce speed and the task force must proceed at regular intervals in a line ahead formation. The straits are busy and 120 vessels a day proceed through the area. Unedifying interview with the navigator and commentary follows.

Cut to a shot of the crew watching a broadcast of TV Zvezda on the TV for some random reason.