Friday, February 19, 2010

Even the Russians know they suck: Epilogue

Chill Descends Over Russia as Olympic Medals Prove Elusive

After Australian aboriginal groups accused a Russian ice dancing pair of mocking aborigines, Valentin Piseev, president of the Russian Figure Skating Federation, suggested that they were the target of an international plot to force them to alter their performance.

“I think that this is a well-executed strategy directed against our athletes,” Mr. Piseev told Russian television from Vancouver.
Yes, Russia is victim of a conspiracy. Russia has often been the victim of international plots. Usually that plot is some sort of Jewish plot and not an Australian aboriginal plot, so for this routine they get a 10 for originality.


Don Mikulec said...

You guys know that the "Defeat the World" poster of a comedian named Stephen Colbert. His "character" is that of an overzealous right-wing nut, but if you listen to him, he is actually making fun of overzealous right-wing nuts.

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