Friday, April 9, 2010

Moskva departs Sevastopol for Vostok 2010


The flagship of the Black Sea Fleet the Guards Missile Cruiser Moskva left Sevastopol on deployment on 09 April. The ship will execute missions in the Mediterranean, Indian and Pacific Oceans according to the press service of the Black Sea Fleet.
Earlier Interfax news agency reported sources in the fleet headquarters as saying that the cruiser Moskva and a support ship will be the first participants in the operational-strategic exercises Vostok-2010 to arrive in Vladivostokin the middle of May. Ships from the Northern and Pacific Fleets will also participate. During the deployment the ship will operate in the Indian Ocean with elements of Long Range Aviation, carry out combat exercises with the P-500 Bazalt main missile armament on maritime targets and take part in bilateral exercises with India.

The cruiser will participate in joint exercises in the Mediterranean with French and Italian ships this spring.
 But once she's seen the big city of Vladivostok, will she ever settle for salo again??

Update: According this report, the Moskva returns in September.