Wednesday, May 28, 2008

First Look - 28 May 2008

Capabilities of the Georgiy Titov Shown Off as Bold Monarch-2008 Continues

Russian Foreign Ministry Asserts: Black Sea Fleet Does Not Pose a Threat to Ukraine

“We pay the Ukrainians a $100 million a year for the facilities.”
The 12,000 Russian sailors and 25,000 Ukrainian employees contribute 15% of Sevastopol’s economy.

Russia Hasn’t Raised the Issue of Extending the Fleet’s Tenure in Ukraine.

The Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Dorokhin noted that, “We have never hid the fact that we would like to maintain our presence in Sevastopol’ past 2017”, and added that “the fleet has been there 225 years.”

The Oceangoing Minesweeper “Zheleznyakov” Has Commenced Operations in “Black Sea Harmony”

The Black Sea Fleet oceangoing minesweeper “Zheleznyakov” has gotten underway from Novorossiysk to take part in bi-lateral training with the Turkish Navy in “Black Sea Harmony”.

Operational control during the anti-terrorism exercise is effected from the permanent coordination center in the Turkish port of Eregli working with the Black Sea Fleet command post in Divnomorskoye, Russia, established to support effective participation of Russian Black Sea Fleet forces in international exercises in the Black Sea.

Black Sea Fleet Gets High Marks for the Winter Training Cycle

Results of the surface ship winter training cycle were presented at the Officer’s Club in Sevastopol’.

…In all, 18 exercises were carried out and there were 154 separate combat exercises conducted upon land, sea and air targets.

Singled out for special recognition were the crews of the missile cruiser “Moskva” and the Large Landing Ship “Tsezar’ Kunikov” for the successful tasks completed during deployment.

…The Black Sea Fleet flagship, the missile cruiser “Moskva” was named best ship for its outstanding preparation in 10 different areas, while the escort ship “Ladnyy”, large ASW ship “Kerch’” and the large landing ships “Tsezar’ Kunikov”, “Yamal” and “Saratov” also received high marks.

Northern Fleet Tight Lipped About Their Winter Training Cycle Results

The Northern Fleet press service reports that the Northern Fleet Vice Admiral Nikolay Maksimov held a meeting of the Northern Fleet Military Council in the Officer’s Club to discuss the results of the winter training cycle with the commanders of the units and detachments of the Northern Fleet.

The fleet command gave a detailed analysis of the training, pointed out the deficiencies and outlined the summer training plan.