Sunday, June 29, 2008

First Look - Weekend Edition

Forward to the Med!

The Russian Black Sea Fleet (BSF) Escort Ship (SKR) “Ladnyy” is taking part in joint task force operations in the Mediterranean Sea. Together with the NATO ships, the SKR “Ladnyy”, commanded by Captain 2nd Rank Aleksandr Shvarts, will track ships suspected of participating in terrorism, transporting weapons of mass destruction and means for their delivery, illegal maritime transport of narcotics and other activities. After preparations at base and learning the NATO governing documents, the SKR “Ladnyy” will conduct integration procedures and will be accepted into the order of battle of the Standing NATO Forces Mediterranean.

It is worth noting that the “Ladnyy” successfully participated in a similar operation last year…

Russian MRKs in Belgium

The crews of two small missile ships (MRK) “Passat” and “Zyb’” met with the permanent Russian representative to NATO Dmitriy Rogozin and the chief military representative to NATO HQ Vice Admiral Valentin Kuznetsov in the port of Zebrugge, Belgium.

The ships arrived in port 28 June and were invited by the Commander in Chief of the Belgian Navy, Admiral Jan-Paul Robins to take part in an international naval festival.

Black Sea Fleet Ships Conduct Exercises at Sea

Tactical training took place in the central regions of the Black Sea under the command of the Black Sea Fleet Chief of Staff Aleksandr Troyan. During the exercises held in the past week, various aspects of the Black Sea Fleet participated including anti-submarine and strike forces, surface ships and aviation. Auxiliary ships supported the exercises.

The Escort Ship “Ladnyy”, small anti-submarine ships “Suzalets”, “Muromets” and “Aleksandrovets”, the small missile ship “Mirazh”, missile cutters and the submarine “Alrosa” performed specific tasks according to a unified plan, including torpedo firings…

Also warships from the strike forces conducted a missile strike on the landing force of a notional enemy, conducted salvage drills on damaged ships and practiced radiological, chemical and biological defense.