Thursday, July 16, 2009

"Soviet Means Quality!"

Bulava fail. Again.

Из-за нештатного срабатывания первой ступени ракета самоликвидировалась", - говорится в сообщении управления пресс-службы и информации Минобороны РФ.

First stage.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Admiral Tributs Goes Pirate Hunting

Udaloy class BPK 534 Admiral Tributs gets underway for the Gulf of Aden. Will pass the Udaloy class Admiral Pantaleyev on her way back to Vladivostok.


While in port Novorossiysk, moored next to the Vishnya class AGI SSV-201, the Large Landing Ship Tsezar Kunikov loads a company of the 7th Airborne Division with about a dozen armored vehicles for transport to the firing range. According to the 7th Division spokesman, transporting the Airborne company by sea is in accordance with the Minister of Defense's policy of ensuring that the 7th Airborne Division remains a premier rapid reaction force, able to act in a professional manner in any situation.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Don't Call it a Comeback

Just a quick post, because I can't resist, via The Pilot's Blog, a good 11 minute video on the Gorshkov being refloated back in December. Note the detail of the guts of the arresting gear around minute five. And around minute ten, the head of Sevmash says that the experience with re-habbing the Gorshkov combined with the existing capability with regards to handling nuclear propulsion makes the yard the natural choice for building a future Russian nuclear carrier. I may have more on that in a later post. Some of you may also be interested in the footage from the carrier aviation base in Saki, Ukraine.